About Stitch Well

Welcome to your unbeatable alteration services in the Lower Mainland!

From a childhood hobby that formed pure passion, Stich Well has exponentially grown into sophisticated, elegant, seamstress services in the Lower Mainland. For over 15 years, Stitch Well has provided unparalleled quality, detail, care, and affordable pricing to every garment that enters the sewing machine. It is with ultimate pride and dedication within the family of professional seamstresses that makes Stitch Well the best place for all of your adjustment needs.

After many years of following a deep fondness for fashion and clothing alterations, the owner of Stitch Well pursued a four-year professional Fashion Design education at VCC. She not only enhanced her seamstress capabilities, but also won awards for her designs and talent, and was acknowledged by the Vancouver Sun.

After graduating from VCC in 2012, the owner took to her entrepreneurial spirit, where Stitch Well was born. She cares deeply about providing customers with supreme quality at affordable prices. To this day, Stitch Well is committed to delivering the best seamstress services and the most competitive costs, providing you with quality and trust for every shirt, dress, or pair of pants you need adjusted.

Stich Well proudly serves the Lower Mainland with premium quality seamstress services at incredibly affordable prices. From suit jackets to denim jeans, Stitch Well offers a variety of different alterations and custom seamstress work for all kinds of requests. Just ask us today!